Program Overview - 2017

Program Overview

Age Groups: U9-U19

Team Structure (Competitive Level): Black (1st), Gold (2nd), & Silver (3rd)


  • A Player’s commitment is for a seasonal year.
  • The seasonal year begins in early August and ends mid-June of the following year.


  • A Player’s commitment will include attendance to all team-training sessions, unless otherwise stated by the team’s Head Coach or the Director of Coaching.  Please see the “A Player’s Good Standing” policy.
  • Training includes Team Training, Technical & Small-Sided Play, Parisi Speed & Agility, and Goal Keeper Training. 
  • All training sessions are included in the program’s price structure.


Tournaments: Selected by the United Technical Staff based on the team’s age group & competitive level.

  • Each team will be slated for a series of tournaments they are to attend. 
  • The United Technical staff will finalize any changes made to the tournament schedule.
  • Tournament fees are included within the program’s price structure.
  • United Staff Coaches and teams that wish to compete in additional tournaments will need approval from the Director of Coaching (additional tournaments are not covered in the the program’s price structure).


  • All program fees are inclusive to the following price structure.
  • Financial Assistance is Available!  
  • Program Fees are accepted in installments throughout the year, along with a player commitment fee that is due within 24 hours of each players invitation to join a team's roster.


Age Group









Fees Include:

  • Uniforms
  • Facility Expense
  • VYSA Fees
  • League Fees
  • Administrative Fees
  • Tournaments and/or Showcases
  • Coaches Fees
  • Coaches Hotel Expense
  • Training Fees 
  • Silver United Training Jersey 
  • College Guidance Program

Financial Assistance


A Player’s Good Standing Policy

A player’s good standing refers to their eligibility to participate in training and/or games with FCSC United.  A player is automatically placed in Good Standing upon acceptance into the program. A healthy work-rate, positive attitude, and a strong commitment to the team and their own self-improvement, are all characteristics of a successful athlete that will keep players in good standing.

Here are some examples of what could take a player out of good standing.

Poor Attendance 


Abusive Language


Negative public criticism 

Dangerous Play

Unsportsmanlike conduct

Unfulfilled Financial Obligations 



Attendance Requirements

Age Group


League & Tournament Play


Team Training – Required



Team Training – Required

Technical & S&A Training – 60% Min



Team Training – Required

Technical & S&A Training – 70% Min


Questions regarding potential conflicts should be communicated with the Team’s Coach.

Players will be notified if they are in jeopardy of being placed in bad standing.